Painful Urination: Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

Urination is a normal process, and it is painless, but some time due to some reason urination comes with burning and painful. Several reasons cause painful urination. Painful urination indicates something is not right in your bladder or nearby part of the body. The painful urination is also known as dysuria. Sometimes this pain resolves on its own, but we need to get a diagnosis from the urologist if the pain can’t get away. People who have dysuria feel very discomfort during the urination. Usually in dysuria, the pain is originated in bladder and urethra. There are several reasons for painful urination. We are going to discuss them below:

painful urination

1> Urinary tract infection:

Most of the urine related problems are arises due to the urinary tract infection. Painful urination is also caused due to the urinary tract infection. Due to the bacteria in the bladder, our urinary systems get infected, which causes painful urination. Our urinary system consists of urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. Inflammation and infection in these organs can cause pain during the urination.

There are high chances of urinary tract infection in females than males because women have short urethra than men. So in women, bacteria need to travel an only shorter distance to reach bladder than the men.

UTI is also common in pregnant women’s.

There are also some symptoms of urinary tract infection:

1>Frequent urination

2>Cloudy urine

3>High fever

4>smelly urine

5>Back or side pain


2>Yeast Infection:

Because of yeast’s overgrowth in the vaginal area, the Yeast infection can cause pain during urination. Thick, white discharge is the common symptoms of yeast infection.

 3> Sexually transmitted infection:

STI diseases like Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis and genital herpes can cause painful urination. Some STI doesn’t show any symptoms, so it is essential to get tested for STI. At-home STD kits is the easy way to conduct STD test at home.

 4>Prostate infection

Infection in the prostate can cause painful urination. Some symptoms, like difficulty in urination, frequent urination, and painful ejaculation, indicate the prostate infection. 

5> Kidney stones and infection

Sometimes the infection in the bladder can move up to the kidney, which can cause several issues that you need to cure immediately. Kidney stones can cause painful urination, vomiting, frequent urination, side or back pain, cloudy urine and smelly urine. The kidney stone near the bladder can cause pain during the urination.


Cystitis is caused due to bacterial infection. It irritates the bladder wall. It puts pressure on the bladder area, which causes pain during urination. 


Chemicals in the soap, perfumes, shampoo and toilet paper irritate our skin which causes painful urination. If you are using soap, lotions or any other products to clean your genitals, then it is possible that these products can irritate the vaginal tissues.


Due to the bacteria infection in the urethra causes pain while also increases the urge and frequency of urination


 Medication that are used to treat bladder cancer can cause pain while urinating. Some antibiotics that you take can also have some side effects that can cause painful urination. So talk to your doctor, if you have seen any side effects of the medicines you are taking.


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