Why does my urine smell?

The urine contains ammonia and uric acid that is why it has little ammonia smell. Every person’s urine has a unique smell. We often see that our urine smell stronger than it usually does. There are some causes of smelly urine, and one of the most common cause is infection.

You don’t need to worry about urine smell every time you get smelly urine. If you are continuously suffering from unusual smelly urine or strong urine, you need to go to the doctor for the urine check. We all have been gone through the situation where we sit down in the toilet, and that nasty smell of urine comes. We think that the smell comes from the bathroom, but we realize that smell comes from our urine. There are many times urine has a bad odor, the time it can be harmless, but sometimes, the bad urine odor indicates something is unusual happening with our body. If the bad odor does not go away in a few days, we have to consult with the doctor to determine what causes urine to smell bad.

why does my urine smell

Why does my urine smell?

Let’s talk about some of the reason why does the urine smell bad.¬†

Dehydration: Dehydration means our body is not getting enough water to process, which causes urine to smell. If your pee is in dark yellow or orange, then it can be due to less fluids in the body. Our body waste and water make the urine. We intake less water meaning that our urine has more waste than water, which causes urine to smell bad. The color of urine can tell you whether you are dehydrated or not. If your urine has a dark honey color, it is due to dehydration, meaning you need to intake more water to normalize the urine. The transparent or light yellow color urine means that your body is hydrated, so if you are still getting a bad odor, there may be other reasons. Other than the color of urine, dizziness, dry mouth, weakness are few symptoms of dehydration.


Many people get the smell of urine when they eat certain food like asparagus. Not all people who eat asparagus get the bad smell. Asparagus has asparagus acid, which makes urine smell strong, and this smell will go away when the asparagus has passed through your body. If the odor persists even after the asparagus passed through your body, then you need to seek for doctor advice. The asparagus and alcohol, onion, garlic, salmon food can cause the strong urine smell. If you are eating such foods and getting a strong urine smell, you don’t need to worry much about it. Here is the list of foods that you can intake for better urination.

Other than these foods, your coffee habits can influence the odor of the urine. Coffee metabolites can give your urine a strange smell. Coffee metabolites make you pee a lot, which removes the sodium and extra fluid available in the body. Hence the urine will have less fluid and more waste, so it smells strange.

3>Diabetes: When you have diabetes, your blood has excess sugar. Due to that, the body can’t process the urine. So our body tries to get rid of this excess glucose through the urine. Hence people who have diabetes or symptoms are diabetes has a sweet, fruity urine smell. Apart from smelly urine, if you have frequent urination problems, you might have diabetes. I suggest you consult with the doctor ASAP.

4> UTI or urinary tract infection:

Bacteria can cause urine to smell bad. Frequent urination, dark or cloudy urine, the urge of frequent urination, and burning sensation are UTI symptoms. You need to consult with the doctor for urinary tract information treatment. The doctor will recomend you antibacterial to kill the infection caused by the bacteria.

5>Yeast infection: Yeast infection in the vagina can cause a bad urine smell.Itching, gray or white discharge, painful urination, burning sensation, redness are few symptoms of yeast infection.

6> Sexually transmitted infection: STIs like gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and Chlamydia can change the urine smell.

7>Kidney and urine stone: Kidney and urine stone can change the smell of the urine. You immediately need to seek a doctor’s attention if you have kidney stones. Kidney stones are painful can cause vomiting, bleeding, frequent urination, back pain, burning sensation, and pain.

If you are continuously getting a strong urine smell, then it is due to some liver disease. If you have seen vomiting, nausea, bloating, cloudy urine, jaundice, and smelly urine, it is due to some kidney disease.

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