How To Keep Pee Warm For Drug Test – Methods To Stay urine Warm

Urine warmer is the best way to keep urine warm for the drug test. This kit is available for both males and females. It is designed to keep pee warm so that it can help you in passing the urine test.
Urine Drug Test is the most frequent test conducted to examine the physical and mental stability of the candidate to be hired.

Why You need to keep the urine at body temperature.

If you have consumed any kind of drug in your past in the spare time, then this will become your never seen difficult obstacle between your job and you, and the consequences would be dangerous as they can destroy your career from the root.

Urinator is the device that keeps your urine warm for the drug test. The standard urinator kit includes three free packs of powdered urine. A single set of batteries maintain the temperature of urine for four hours.


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Why keeping pee warm is a must for urine tests?

Urine Drug Test is the worst ever nightmare for the people who have consumed even a small amount of drug in their past. The first and foremost reason why they fail during drug tests is due to the temperature of their urine. Thus they present Fake or synthetic urine that also may vary from the temperature range of the original drug-free urine sample.

How does temperature affect a drug test?

When the Lab collects the urine sample for the drug test, the lab technician reads the temperature strip attached to the container and notes the urine sample temperature. If the urine temperature is within 32-38 °C/90-100 °F Lab, tick the Yes” box on the CCF section.
If the urine temperature is outside 32-38 °C/90-100 °F, the Lab ticks the “No” box on the CCF section and gives the remarks on urine temperature. Your sample is marked as invalid and adulterated.
The sample with a temperature above or below the body temperature range will be considered an invalid urine sample.
Lab immediately asks for the new urine sample using the direct observation procedures with no prior notice given to the employee.
The Lab has to process two samples( original and newly collected samples) and must inform DER and the collection site supervisor.
A designated employer representative takes immediate action on you, and most probably, you will lose your job or demote to the less safety-sensitive duties.

What temperature should urine be for a drug test?

(1) 32-38 °C/90-100 °F is the permissible temperature range.

(2) Readout, the temperature strip on the collecting container, is the only way to read the specimen’s temperature accurately.

(3) If the temperature of the specimen falls within the permissible limit, you must check the “Yes” box on the CCF.

How long does urine stay between 90-100 degrees?

It immediately cools to room temperature. Urine exits the body at roughly 98°C but soon cools to the nineties’ mid to low.

Some things need to be analyzed while Urine Drug test they are:-

  • The normal temperature of drug-free urine should be around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the urine test will be unsuccessful during Urinalysis. The drug traces can bring inevitable consequences; thus, Urine Warmer can be used to pass out the Urinalysis and pass the drug tests.
  • The analyst must test the temperature range of your urine sample within four minutes of your submission.
  • Your urine sample must be put in the refrigerator if your urine samples are not submitted within an hour.

Maintain urine at body temperature before going for a urine test

  • Urine can change its temperature according to the environment in the surrounding place, and that’s the reason its advised to regulate the temperature at any cost. Temperature regulation is a must during Urinalysis.
  • Urine samples will either get destroyed or its colour changes when it is left in cool temperatures.
  • It will not give a fair result if you don’t check the temperature throughout the whole process.
  • Temperature plays a major role in Urinalysis, and thus it is to be regulated according to the consequences by the analysts.

How to keep urine warm for drug test?

This question is searched mostly by the persons who have consumed Drugs in their past and need to rely on the job that means their career indeed. However, there are some solutions to pass the Drug Tests.

The best and easy way to keep urine warm is to use a test clear urinator kit. We noticed that when we use the urinator kit, the success rate of passing the urine test is very high. Read my urinator review for more detail.

how to keep urine warm for drug test

  • The urinator device makes temperature regulation easy. Use the sealed plastic bag to store your Urine sample before the screening test.
  • You have to keep the sealed plastic bag beside your body, thighs are mostly recommended in the practical area.
  • You must keep the bag close to your body so that your body heat can balance the temperature.
  • The normal body temperature is 37 degree Celsius and that doesn’t make much difference with that of the sample.
  • Some people can plan for artificial or synthetic urine samples for a future test that must be stored in the refrigerator. Putting urine in the microwave oven is one of the option that many people do before the test. But microwave oven can’t control the urine temperature, so you should avoid it at any cost. The incorrect temperature reading can lead to the false-positive result.

The reliable urine warmer kit is required to avoid incorrect or false-positive results. The chances of the false-positive result are high when you use unreliable methods like smuggling urine through the armpit or under the leg.

Some Tips To Keep Synthetic Urine Sample Specimen at Correct temperature.

  • Don’t rely on heat packs that come with synthetic urine kits.
  • Labs like Concentra and Quest diagnostics perform hundreds of urine drug tests daily, and they spent millions of dollars building robust technology to detect contaminated urine samples. So don’t try to cheat them with inefficient methods like hand warmers, heat packs, and pill bottles.
  • Using someone else urine for the drug test is also a bad idea. It is always better to use clean powdered human urine for drug tests. The urinator device with powdered urine has a vinyl tube that helps you in urine excretion. The powdered urine has uric acid and all other essential chemical substances present in real human urine and has the correct pH and gravity.
  • You must keep the fake pee sample in the correct temperature range. So avoid methods that make urine too hot or too cold for the drug test.
  • Avoid microwaving your urine. If you still want to microwave synthetic urine samples, keep the urine in the container and put it in the microwave. Avoid using your regular steel container or metal container.
  • Always use a urine heating device like the urinator to keep the pee sample warm.

How to use hand warmer to keep pee warm for a drug test

Hand urine Warmer are frequently used to keep urine warm for drug test. These are very easy and convenient to use. You need to follow some simple steps to use the hand urine warmer. We do not recommend hand warmers anymore. We notice many people get caught because of hand warmers. In addition, hand warmers do not have an automatic temperature control system, making it difficult to keep the urine specimen at the right temperature. The urinator heater system is the best device with an automatic temperature control system and keeps the specimen warm for four hours. The urinator kit comes with 3 packs of synthetic urine samples so that you don’t need to purchase extra.

  • You have to just put the synthetic urine in a sealed bag or some tight fit small container.
  • Whenever you need to use them, wrap the hand warmer around the hand.
  • Use and an elastic band to secure the Synthetic or fake urine.
  • Depending on the type and Quality of hand warmers, you have to store them in different ways. Some Warmers can warm up faster when there is a small change in temperature and cool down following the temperature range of surroundings.

Why many people failed to maintain urine at body temperature with heating pads and hand warmer

You need to be very careful with the heating pads. It can cause severe burns on your skin if the heating pad gets too hot. People with poor blood circulation should avoid heat pack
keeping heating pads near to your skin for a long time can burn your skin

Hand warmers are good, but you should avoid hand warmer in direct contact with your skin.
Urine temperature control is essential when it comes to beating the urine test. Unfortunately, you can’t control the urine temperature with a hand warmer. Most of the time, Hand Warmer overheats your fake urine sample. Hand warmers are not reusable, and they are not safe for your skin.

The reusable urinator heater is the best urine warmer that anyone can use to clear the urine test without any hassle.

How to keep urine warm without hand warmers?

The urinator kit is the alternative to the hand warmers. The urinator is a reliable device that keeps the urine sample warm for hours. Unlike a hand warmer, the urinator has a heating control element that keeps the urine sample at the correct temperature.
Ditch the trading methods of urine warming and try the all-new urinator testing device.

For a long time, synthetic urine manufacturers have been assisting drug users in passing urine drug tests (and keeping their jobs). After reading the “how-to” instructions supplied with the synthetic urine, you may have recognized that it’s not as easy as turning up with your manufactured pee, ready for drug testing.

Aside from the apparent necessity for proper mineral and creatine levels, the pee must have the appropriate temperature to pass drug tests. The lab will reject it if it is not within the required temperature range.

According to the reasoning, human urine leaves the body at roughly 98.6°F. This number may fluctuate owing to quick cooling or increased body temperature.

Why do hand warmers, heating pads, and heat packs fail to maintain urine at a correct temperature range?.

Some people use hand warmers, similar to the heated pads that come with your fake pee package. It works by activating the warmers and pressing them on your phony pee. You may accelerate the procedure by using two hand warmers or a hand warmer with the included heating pad.

Because hand warmers construct inexpensive materials, it recommends that you test this procedure before using it. The same guidelines apply to the heating pads with the fake pee kit.

Some persons strapped urine samples to heated regions of their bodies or wore them on their upper thighs to be ready for random screening. Using body temperature is often a good approach since there is little risk of warming the sample. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it takes a long time.

Heat activator powder combined with Sub Solution is the most dependable means of getting your simulated urine to the acceptable temperature range. Follow the mixing directions included with your product.

Check the temperature often to ensure that the powder contaminates with urine. Continue slowly since too much powder might cause your urine to overheat.

 Urine Warmer that male and female can use for Drug Test

Screening tests don’t involve the sample’s validity, thus the testing staff may just confirm the test by temperature to countermeasure the originality or whether it is substituted. The real human urine should be balanced with the body temperature that means a Urine sample must have 37 degree Celsius at standard measure or else it is considered to be substituted or the candidate fails the test with positivity in the drug test.

The main reason to keep the synthetic Urine sample warm is to match the temperature range with the body temperature. Urine warmer heating pads are uniquely designed to keep the urine sample at a certain specific temperature that will surely keep your urine sample in the safe space.

Some simple steps to keep pee warm for drug test

  • Open the Urine warmer heating pads and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds.
  • You can stop when the chemical in it is mixed and the chemical formula in it starts releasing heat by the heating process regulated while manufacturing.
  • You can stop shaking the urine warmer after 15 seconds as they are maintained at 96-98 degrees.
  • The standard temperature is maintained while it is attached to the urine sample with the provided rubber band.
  • You can get a constant heat of ideal temperature provided from 8 to 10 hours once the pads are activated.
  • You have to remove the heating pads if you live in a warmer climate as the pads  may get overheated
  • You have to keep the Pads close to your body if you are in the cooler climate either in the pair of boxer briefs.
  • It is tested and certified that the urine sample in the urine warmer kit maintains the right temperature range between 90-99 degree Fahrenheit.
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Both male and female can place the Urine warmer kit as it will not hurt for extended periods of time even if it is placed in the underwear or bra.

  Why you must keep pee warm before going to the test

Pre-employment screening tests and frequent drug tests can be proved dangerous that can destroy your career and ruin your life if you have been through any kind of drugs in your past in your spare time.

Concentrated synthetic fake urine can pass you in any screening test anywhere but certain precautions must be taken to go through the process and pass the screening test successfully.

Optimal Temperature conditions in the surroundings and the Samples are to be maintained and thus Urine Warmers like the urinator are highly recommended while undergoing Urine Drug test or Urinalysis as it is the most trusted and highly recommended product to pass the screening test.

How to keep urine warm in a pill bottle?

If you cannot submit your urine sample within one hour, place it in a sealed plastic bag and place it in the fridge at roughly 4 degrees Celsius. Do not keep it for more than 24 hours. Connect the bottle to a Grabber’s toe warmer. Wrap it around the bottle and secure it with tape. It will last 7–8 hours. It’s suspicious if you want to pee right away, so relax and wait your time. You’ll be just fine! Do some practice at home, of course.

You may get synthetic urine with a temperature sensor on the exterior to ensure that you are at the proper temperature. When the temperature is appropriate, the bottle should feel slightly warmer than your armpit/inside thigh; however, getting a bottle with a thermometer strip on the exterior is the best way to tell. If you’re in a hurry, microwave the bottle for 5 seconds at 100° F (I’m not sure what c° is). 

If you need to go to the bathroom within 30 minutes, put the bottle between your thighs and keep your legs as close together as possible. You can also put it under your armpit or anywhere else near your skin that isn’t your pocket. If the test takes more than 20–30 minutes, you should buy some hand warmers. If you know when you will test, you can use the hand warmers to heat the urine, or you can put the bottle on the dash of your car in the sun (summertime), but you must keep track of it because it can get so hot that it will burn your skin when you crotch it.

How long does urine stay warm between your legs?

Urine exits the body at roughly 98°C but soon cools to the nineties’ mid to low. As part of the collection process, the laboratory will record the urine temperature.

Will urine stay warm in my bra?

It is a low-cost procedure, and if done correctly, your body may warm the sample and control the temperature appropriately. That does not imply that it should keep outside! We do not recommend adopting this strategy.

Average skin temperature is about 33°C (91°F) on the outside, so tying a pill bottle or bag of urine to your stomach, bra, down your pants, or another place, or trying to keep urine warm between your legs, will not get you to the right temperature. If you’re wondering, “How long does pee remain warm between your legs?” or “Will urine keep warm in my bra?” For testing reasons, the answer is no; it’s likely to cool down when put there since you’ll lose heat to your legs until it reaches the skin temperature. Internally, you can guess where you’d put the sample, but there are obvious concerns of comfort, simplicity of usage, and cleanliness here.

What happens if your pee is cold for a drug test?

It is because you refrigerate your urine, and you don’t have control over the urine temperature. So the Lab will immediately conduct the new urine test under the direct observation procedures.Who likes to eat the food kept in the refrigerator when you see the human pee kept in the refrigerator for cooling.

What to put pee in to keep warm?

Putting anything into urine is not a good idea. Some people put bleach, yellow color, or water into the urine, but it is a terrible idea, and you will easily get caught in a urine drug test.

How to keep someone else urine warm for a drug test?

The lab must collect the sample within four minutes after the urination. The urine will lose its temp after four minutes of excretion. Therefore, if you use your friend’s urine for the test, you must maintain its temperature after the excretion. Urine will lose its temperature after the excretion, and if you cannot maintain urine at body temperature, you will be in trouble.
You never know what your friends did a few days ago. Maybe he smoked a joint a few days ago and forgot to tell you about their previous smoking history. Maybe they are taking medication that can cause false positive drug tests.

How to reheat urine for a drug test?

If the temperature of your synthetic urine is significantly different from your body temperature after using a temperature strip, medical staff will most likely be suspicious. It may prompt you to request another clean urine sample from you.

Many individuals fail a drug test because their synthetic urine samples do not show the necessary body temperature. If you want to pass a drug test, the urine sample you provide must be at the proper temperature.

The dubious temperature of their urine is the most prevalent reason many individuals fail a drug test. That is why many individuals choose to use synthetic urine. This kind of urine may also differ from the temperature range of standard urine samples.

Does keeping urine samples close to your body work?

Body heat is one method of keeping the fake urine sample warm. Snuggling the bogus urine sample in a body region with a good heat source, such as your armpits or thighs, may help raise the temperature of your pee. However, given the unpredictability of its dependability, this is not the best option. You can’t be sure it’ll be in the appropriate temperature range when the drug test comes around.

Using this method, the synthetic urine sample may need to heat for many hours. Body heat indicates a different way of keeping the fake urine sample warm.

Is it possible to keep the urine sample warm with hot water bottles?

If you need to heat your urine sample quickly, try purchasing a hot water bottle. The advantage of this method is that it shows success in heating the fake urine sample. The problem with utilizing this strategy is that it might be rather hefty, making it difficult to crawl within the lab.

Furthermore, since water bottles rapidly cool down, you must come on time to submit your urine sample.


Don’t ignore the temperature aspect of urine screening. Many people failed to maintain synthetic urine sample temperature. If you are giving a urine screening test for the first time, then the urinator kit is best. Hand Warmers, heating packets, heating pad, and pill bottle needs practice before using them for the lab test