The Urinator Kit Review- Does It works?

We spent hours researching the urinator kit to find out does it work? In this review, we talked about everything you need to know about the Urinator drug test kit.
If you’re applying for a new job, you may be required to take a drug test before you can be hired for a job.If you have used drugs or any other type of prohibited substance in the last few months, a drug screen could put you at risk. If you fail to pass a test, you could miss out on job opportunities or even be fired from your current job.
Thankfully, there is a way to avoid these kinds of problems without giving up the substances you enjoy. There are numerous solutions available, such as purchasing powdered urine or taking clean pee from another person. With powdered urine, you need to add warm water to create the urine liquid.
You might think that asking someone to provide you with a clean urine substance is the best course of action. However, there are many problems with this. The drug substance can stay longer in a person’s urine, mouth, saliva, blood, and hair.
Many substances remain present in the human body for a long period. Unless you’ve actively monitored someone for months or more, you can’t assume that their urine is clean. Beyond that, there’s a strong chance that you’ll be caught using another person’s urine. The hormones in one person’s urine may differ from the hormones expected to be in your pee.


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That’s why it’s best to use a urinator kit with powdered urine which has uric acid and urea. It can be costly, but if it can save your job – or help you get hired – it’s worth the price. You don’t need to purchase any detox products.

Why Use the Urinator Urine Testing device?

Urine tests have gone through many advancements, which means it’s harder for people to pass a test with fake urine. For example, many tests look at the temperature of the urine. If a person’s urine isn’t at the human body temperature, they may fail to pass the test. Thankfully, this is an issue that the urinator electronic urine-warming device is designed to address. With the Digitally controlled Urinator kit, you won’t trigger any red flags or false-positive results when you take your test.

The Urinator consists of a pouch or bottle filling device connected to a heater and a tube. It’s designed to allow you to provide a piss sample without drawing any attention. Even if you’re supervised while you take your test, the Urinator will enable you to use synthetic urine discreetly.

When you use the Urinator electronic urine-warming device, you need to place your synthetic urine in the iv bag. Then, you can use the tube to empty the pouch and provide a synthetic urine sample. Thanks to the heater, the pee will always be at the right human body temperature. The Urinator is suitable for both men and women. It contains stainless steel sensor rod that regulates the testing temperature.

To power the heater, you’ll need to use two 9-volt batteries. Unfortunately, these Duracell batteries are not shipped with the device, which means you will need to purchase them separately.

A detailed review of the urinator kit, including what it offers, where to buy a urinator, and every other information you should know before using the Urinator for a drug test.


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How The Urinator Temperature control system Works

If you’ve never used a device like Urinator before, it might sound overwhelming. Thankfully using the urinator urine testing device kit is much easier than you’d think. All you need to do is fill your iv bag pouch with the pee of your choosing. The port vinyl iv bag can be filled with pee via the syringe that comes with the device. Next, make sure you release all the air from the bag, and after that, screw cap on the end of the tube. This temperature control system makes urination very easy. 

Once the port vinyl iv bag has been filled, all you need to do is head to your test. You’ll empty the pouch with your urine sample, and the powdered urine will provide you with a clean test result. To properly conceal the bladder pouch, you may want to wear thicker clothing.

Save for the 9-volt batteries; the urinator kit comes with everything you need to pass your test. Your first step will be to fill the pouch with pee. After that, you should secure the 9 volt Duracell batteries to the heater with Velcro tape so that the synthetic urine can reach the appropriate temperature. The urinator urine testing device comes with a fold fabric shut, computer chip, test strips, stainless steel sensor rod, and liquid crystal thermometer to confirm the testing temperature is correct. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to take your test!

Other products on the market can heat synthetic urine, but unfortunately, many of these devices won’t work. Thanks to the digitally controlled computer chip, The Urinator will heat your pouch and ensure that your synthetic urine remains at the correct temperature until you submit your sample.

If your employer regularly asks you to take drug screening, a device like The Urinator can be an excellent investment. While you may need to purchase more rapid clear clean pee or powdered urine, it’s possible to use The kit more than once.

With that said, you’ll want to make sure you test your Urinator in advance to ensure that your piss liquid is still reaching the appropriate human body temperature. If the computerized Urinator doesn’t seem to be as efficient as it used to be, it’s time to invest in a replacement. The instructions kit given with the device can help you during the process.


Is The Urinator a Good Value?

The urinator kit is currently priced at around $150. That may seem like a steep price, but it is a reusable device and better than heating pads or hand warmers. Furthermore, it comes with three samples of synthetic urine. That has an estimated value of $120.

While you will have to buy batteries, you won’t have to worry about making any other purchases when you use this kit. I found it to be of great value overall. If you’re planning on taking more than one drug screen or doping test, a kit like this would be an excellent investment.

Is The Urinator Discreet?

the urinator

The urinator heating element has an insulating mini blanket that can be worn beneath your underwear or bra, making it very easy to hide. So while you may want to wear a thicker pair of pants, no one should be able to see that you’re wearing this bladder bag or pouch. The fold fabric shut keeps your legs safe from the heat. Hence Urinator is best for males and females to smuggle urine for the test.

What’s especially great about the device is that the tube also makes it possible to provide a pee sample discreetly. So you won’t have to panic if someone follows you into the bathroom. You’ll still be able to provide a sample without any concerns. The urinator urination system is worth your money.

Being asked to take a piss or doping test can be a frustrating experience. Luckily, the Urinator is a great way to resolve these kinds of issues. It’s a discreet device that works. Urinator is better than using the hand warmers for maintaining temperature for a minimum of four hours.

I found that the urinator kit was very reliable and easy to use to maintain urine temperature for a minimum of four hours. Thanks to the temperature indicator, testing strips, and sensor rod, I didn’t have any concerns about the temperature of my pee. I also found the bladder pouch to be highly secure! It’s made of thick vinyl material and an easy-to-use clamp that feels very resilient. Having to worry about leaks would be extremely stressful, but that’s not a concern with this device because it has a clamp that controls the flow of the liquid.

Overall, I would recommend the Urinator to anyone that’s planning for an upcoming test. It can heat pee to the perfect testing temperature for a minimum of four hours, and it allows you to provide a pee sample naturally. It’s hard to deny the usefulness of a product like that!

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