How Fast Does Urine Cool

The thing that lies between you and your new job is a drug screening test. If you don’t do drugs then you won’t be worried about it, but if you do, then its something you would be fearing. All kinds of drugs can be caught in a urine drug test (UTI) and that’s why the people who do drugs try different ways to pass urine tests. The most effective way is to use powdered urine, cause its much better and reliable than others. But the main challenge is the temperature, and you would be already wondering about how fast does urine cool. Actually, human urine cools pretty fast, but not too fast.There are different types of urine test that you may know.

How Fast Does Urine Cool

On leaving the human body, urine drops to a temperature between 94°F to 96°F which is around 35°C. The first thing that is tested during a drug test is the temperature of the sample. When using an already prepared powdered urine you can make the temperature right with the heating strip. Remember, little too hot is better than little too cold and if the temperature is really really hot then you would need to shake it and let the air cool it.

There are not so many factors which can prove that the urine sample you have provided is fake. But the temperature of the urine can easily do that. So you need to make sure that the urine sample is at the right temperature. One degree more or less won’t make much difference, but if the number varies by more than three, then you might get caught.A good urine warmer kit can help you to pass the urine test.

The knowledge of ‘how fast does the urine cool’ can save you from failure.

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