Can You Microwave Urine For Drug Test

There are different approaches present today on the matter of microwaving urine. But the discussion begins with the mere question of why it has to be microwaved? If someone wants to microwave it just for fun’s sake then it’s actually gross as the same microwave will be used for heating food. On the other hand, several people think that microwaving urine can change test results which is also a wrong attempt.

Whether it be a business wishing to screen an applicant or law enforcement needing to ensure someone isn’t violating the terms of their probation, they will usually use the services of a medical laboratory which does a standard screening for amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, MDMA (ecstasy) and its metabolite, methadone, opiates, oxycodone, phencyclidine (PCP) and propoxyphene, synthetic cannabinoids (“K2/Spice”) and synthetic stimulants (“Bath Salts”).

Can You Microwave Urine For Drug Test

Plus it is not a smart trick to microwave urine because the initial step of doing a drug test by urine is to check its temperature which has to be between the range of 90 Fahrenheit to 100 Fahrenheit. If the temperature, when checked comes out to be more than the specified range that is a reason to believe the donor may have altered or substituted the specimen. No, it is not enhancing any content and should not be done intentionally.

A false impression has been put out there which makes people believe that a drug test can be forged if the urine is microwaved before. Which is not only stupid and senseless but also a crime in the eyes of law. It is impossible to even carry out the task as usually for the collection of urine samples a brief time is given along with a specified bottle for collection. If in that period someone plans to microwave the sample in a different container and then put it in the container given for a drug test. It’s next to impossible and also a fowl act in the eye of law. 

Being clean and away from addiction is the best feeling in the world and it’s just a drug test away. It’s not easy that is a fact but for once try to think of the consequences your body faces due to such practice. You can suffer from cancer, paralysis even death if the practice is continued and remains untreated.  It is never too late to start, take a step today and you are never going to regret it.  

Drug addiction has already ruined several households and continues to ruin several even this minute. If you are unwantedly getting inclined toward the use of drugs it’s better to reach out for help and get treated than hiding and forging to save yourself. It takes easy medication and rehab to completely be free from the trap. If you are afraid of shame, then there is none as people who find addiction are known as warriors. You always have a choice and it is up to you what choice you make. 

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