Why Is My Urine Dark?

The kidney plays an essential role in a urine making process. Urine is a mixture of water and the waste that filter by the kidney. The kidney gets rid of the waste products in the body through the urine. The digestive system digest the food that we intake, then it passes through the circulatory system. The urine is the waste generated by the kidney in a filtration process. The bladder empties the urine present in the kidney via the urethra.

When you have a clear and pale yellow colour, it indicates that your body is fully hydrated. The colour of urine depends on the amount of water present in the. The less is the water; the darker is the colour of the urine. So the most common reason why your urine is dark because you have less water in your body. Hence your urine consists more waste than water which make the urine dark. Change in urine colour is normal, but sometimes it can indicate the serious issues if you have bloody urine.

Why Is My Urine Dark?

dark urine
Lets talked about what causes dark urine?
When your urine has colour brown, dark yellow, or amber, we considered it dark colour urine. Lets talked about the most common causes of dark urine?
1> Dehydration:
When your urine has less water, then it gets darker in colour. When we are travelling, we didn’t drink enough water, and hence we urinate dark colour urine because our body is dehydrated. We can also have darker urine in the morning because our body is not hydrated in the early morning. Children, aged and older people, and people suffering from diseases like diabetes and cancer usually suffer from dark colour urine because their bodies are more prone to dehydration.
Some signs show your body is dehydrated:
1> Dry mouth and lips
2> Thirst
4> Weakness
You can treat dehydration by drinking plenty of water. If you are diet conscious, then increasing the body fluid by drinking herbal tea is a good idea.

2> Foods and beverages:
Foods that we intake affects the smell and colour of the urine and stool.. The food that has Caratone, vitamin B can change the colour of the urine. Food colour can also change the colour of the urine. Beet, Blackberries can cause dark urine. Sometimes some medication can change this urine colour to the orange, green, blue and red. Laxatives drug that used for treating constipation, chemotherapy drugs can change the colour of the urine.

3> Urinary tract infection:
We have seen people who have UTI infection has dark colour urine. We have also seen the women tend to have urinary tract infection than men. The problem of UTI arises when bacteria get into the bladder.
Some symptoms of UTI:
1>Cloudy or dark colour urine
2> Frequent urination problem
3> burning sensation during urination.

4> Hepatitis C
hepatitis C affects the liver process, so it causes the change of urine colour to the dark. Unprotected sex, used syringes and injection can cause the hepatitis C

Dark urine can be because of the following diseases:
2> Cancer
3> Kidney problems
4>Kidney stones
5> Bladder stones
8> Pancreatic cancer

Treatments for dark urine:

1> People who suffer from dark urine have less body fluid. So to solve the problem of dehydration, you have to increase fluid intake. Drink plenty of water and juice to increase body fluid.
2>If you have seen dark colour urine because of certain foods that you were eating, then stopping that food can change the urine colour to the normal. Here is the list of foods that are good for the urinary system.
3>If you still have dark colour pee even after drinking water and stoping foods that cause dark pee, it is better to advise the doctor.

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