What Does A Urine Test Show

If you have given a urine test recently and are wondering what does a urine test show, then read this article for the answer. A urine test is a series of tests done on your urine to check the traces of diseases and common health conditions. A urine test can tell so much about your health condition.Urine test can also used for drug test.synthetic urine can help you to pass the different urine tests.Make sure you keep urine warm for drug test if you are using powdered or synthetic urine.It is very important to maintain the urine temperature.

Urine is tested in three stages, which are :

What Does A Urine Test Show

1>Visual Examination – The laboratory worker checks the colour and clarity of your urine at this stage. Urine is supposed to be whitish or yellowish. A dark yellowish urine shows that you are drinking less water than what you need. A reddish or brownish urine indicates blood infections. A foamy urine would mean kidney diseases and a cloudy urine means infections.

2> Microscopic test – There are many substances in your urine which can’t be seen with naked eyes and that’s what the laboratory checks at this stage. So they are checked with microscopes. The substances that shouldn’t be a part of your urine are bacteria, crystals, RBCs, WBCs. All of these indicate infections and diseases.

3>Dipstick test – A plastic strip treated with different types of chemicals is dipped in the urine. The strip has different divisions which react and change colour if the levels in your urine are abnormal.

If you are still thinking that what does a urine test show other than these, then know that it can show a few other things too. Urine tests can show if you take recreational drugs like marijuana or not.You should clear the urine drug test conducted in your office.

It can also show if you have STIs or STDs. Urine tests can show the diabetes levels in your body. They can tell exactly about many infections like kidney, liver, urinary tract infection (UTI). Urine tests are good for telling about so many diseases and thus you should take them at least thrice a year.


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