Urine therapy: is drinking urine good for you?

In Urine therapy, the urine is used for medical and cosmetic purposes. It includes activities such as drinking own urine, massaging skin and gums with urine. I know it is weird therapy, but many people use urine therapy. British person John w. Armstrong said that he use his urine to treat his ill health. He also use urine to treat toothaches. In India, urine therapy is popular; we have seen many people drink cow pee regularly. Drinking urine is the common practice in hath yoga and Sushruta Samhita. There are currently no scientific benefits of drinking urine. Currently, we didn’t see any significant side effect of drinking the urine.  

The color and smell of urine tell a lot about a person’s health. The dark color urine and smelly urine indicate that person has some health issues. The foods also affect the color and smell of urine. It is always better to eat foods that are good for the urinary system.

Is drinking urine good for you?


Drinking the own urine is not a new practice. It was very popular in a few countries. Some reports and research suggest that people in Rome, Greece, Egypt, and India use urine therapy to treat several diseases such as acne, cancer, and diabetes.

Urine therapy

We had also seen Bear Grylls show Man vs. Wild drink his urine when there was no liquid available to drink. In Ayurveda, drinking your urine is a common practice. It is used for treating asthma, cancer, acne, indigestion, migraine, and several other health problems. However, there are currently no scientific evidence that backed this theory. Some ayurvedic doctors use urine therapy to treat the wounds in the mouth, improve eyesight, and boost immunity. It is also advisable to drink your urine when there is no water available to drink. A drunk Person may drink his urine accidentally. In case of natural disaster, Some person may drink their urine for survival. We can’t survive without drinking water. Water is the main ingredient of the urine, so when there is no freshwater is available. You can drink your urine. Almost 90 to 95 percent of urine is water. It also contains salt and wastes that are filtered by the kidney. Urine can also contain bacteria, but most of the time, they are not harmful.

There is no in-depth research on urine therapy, so not all doctors are aware of urine therapy. Some doctors suggest you drink urine, and some do not. Drinking a little bit of urine won’t harm your, but drinking urine like you drink water may cause you some problem. Our body contains different types of bacteria. Some of them are healthy, and some are not. When bacteria grow out of control, then they harmful. So your urine may contain bacteria that can cause infection and gastric problems.

Urine is consists of water and waste, and this waste is the product that the kidney wants to get rid of. But we can’t exactly tell whether this waste contains any toxins or not. When you drink urine again, the kidney again needs to filter the waste that comes into your body after consuming the urine.

It is also unsafe to drink urine when you are taking any medicines. Because when medicines get metabolized, they get out of our body through urine. So drinking urine again will reinforce these medicines in your body.

Drinking your urine is the last option for you when there is no water source. The doctor are not recommending people to drink urine even in case of survival.

So drinking your urine is not safe because it contains bacteria and toxins. So there is no use in drinking urine unless you want those bacteria to enter your body again.

As i said, there is no detailed research on urine therapy, so it is advisable to stay away from urine therapy for medical and cosmetic purposes.

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