Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines : How to collect pee samples for drug test

In most cases, you are asked to give a urine sample purposely when you are to have a drug test. Getting a drug test done has become necessary in nearly every organization and business company. The most common method for considering having a drug test is the urine collection method.

If not for the drug test, you can be asked to give a sample of your pee for a routine medical checkup. To test for the presence of any harmful compounds in your system, your urine is the best source that is tested. The urine contains traces of toxins or hazardous compounds, which are clearly seen when the screening is done. 

Many people use synthetic urine specimens for drug tests. If you are using a synthetic urine specimen for the drug test, then you must keep the synthetic urine specimen warm at body temperature. So to do that, people use devices like heat packs, hand warmers, and Urinator urine specimens warmers.

But, at times, the urine sample that is sent to the laboratory is termed as “adulterated,” and the result of the test comes out to be “inconclusive.” This can become problematic as it lands your job at risk, or otherwise, you will have to undergo the trouble of sending a urine sample again. Hence, it is necessary to know the urine specimen collection guidelines.

Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines

Once you decide to collect your urine to submit to the medical professionals for the test, you must know certain factors beforehand. These points are essential to know. Else you will be required to give a fresh pee sample if the results cannot be concluded.

Urine Specimen Collection

The two critical things to be kept in mind while urine collection are-

•Make Sure The Container Is Clean
First and foremost, you must take care of the fact that the container in which you collect the urine sample should be completely clean. By clean, I refer to the point that the bottle or container should be sterilized.

There should not remain any traces of food or dust that can hinder the authenticity of the urine sample. Make sure to wash the container properly and then let it dry. The presence of water can sometimes harm the urine sample as well.

•Preserve The Urine Properly
When you cannot submit the urine sample in the lab right after you’ve taken it, it becomes evident that you have to preserve the pee until the time you visit the laboratory. Keeping the urine safe, clean, and protected from outside influences such as temperature or dust is a bothersome task.

The least that you can do on your part is to refrigerate the urine sample. Put the container in the freezer or refrigerator for a couple of hours or even days, after which you can submit it to the medical professionals.

How to Collect A Urine Sample?

Urine specimen collection by a definite procedure reduces your problems up to a commendable extent. It is lovely to take the pee sample at any time of the day if your doctor has not advised you to do otherwise.

But, a set pattern should be followed while collecting the urine sample. It would help you get accurate reports, and it will keep your image clean. The steps to be followed are mentioned below.

•As soon as you are given a container by the lab assistant to collect the sample of your urine, the first thing that you have to do is to label the bottle and make sure that it is properly sterilized.

•Put your name, date of birth, and the date on which you submit your pee sample on the container. This would ensure that your urine sample is not mixed with anybody else’s.

•Having done this, you are supposed to wash your hands to clean the bacteria which otherwise might have been present on your skin.

•Once you are done washing your hands, you have to take the container and start urinating. As you pee, do not hurry in collecting the urine.

•Try to collect the urine midstream, which is halfway through your urinating process. This ensures that the bacteria present in your hand or nearby the urethra do not enter the urine sample and get flushed off. Hence, the urine sample would be absolutely clean.

•After enough is done, you are required to rewash your hands. Then take the container and submit it to the lab professionals. If any kinds of drugs have not influenced you over time, you are likely to get a negative drug test report.

The next time you appear for a test and you have to collect a urine sample, keep the points mentioned above in mind to get a detailed report at once. It would not only save your image and job, but it would be of great assistance in saving your time and efforts.

Also, try not to hinder the natural urine collection process; that is, if possible, do not go for fake urine samples; otherwise, you might get caught while the screening process takes place. However, you can surely try to detoxify your body by taking assistance of detox drinks or pills, or you can go for natural alternatives too.

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