Types Of Urine Tests

The process of doing a series of tests on your urine is known as Urinalysis or commonly urine test. Such tests are done to check for signs of diseases. It is the best way to find out some diseases in their early stages and thus it is a part of most of the regular monthly checkups. The diseases which can be traced though urine tests are Diabetes, Kidney disease and Liver disease. There are many different types of urine tests that are done to trace the diseases and a few common health conditions. Urine tests are also done to check if the person does any kind of drug. Such tests are called Urine Drug Test (UDT).

types of urine tests

Urine is analyzed in three different ways, and all of them are used one after another. They are :

1> Visual Examination – The colour and clarity of the urine is checked. Blood is seen in a reddish or brownish urine. Kidney diseases are indicated in a foamy urine and cloudy urine depicts an infection.

2>Microscopic test – The substances which can’t be seen with naked eyes are checked with microscope. RBCs, WBCs, bacteria and crystals in urine indicate diseases and infections.

3>Dipstick test – A medical strip treated with chemicals is dipped in the urine. The strip has different parts which change colour if the levels are abnormal.

There are many different types of urine tests, some of the most important ones are noted below :

1> Urine test for confirming pregnancy

2> Urine test for diagnosing urinary tract infection (UTI)

3>Urine test for monitoring bladder cancer, diabetes, bladder cancer and STIs and STDs

4>Urine test for checking kidney functioning

5>Urine test for monitoring drug use.Companies conduct drug test to prevent drug abuse.You should pass urine drug test if you want to get job.Powdered urine,synthetic urine is a popular way to clear the drug test.Use urine warmer for drug test to maintain urine temperature.Keep the urine temperature around 35°C so that it does not get cool.

6>Urine test for drug test

Though Urine tests tell so much, it is really advised to take them at least three times in a year.


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