Pee orgasm: What is Pee-Gasm?

You might hear stories about the pee orgasm. Many popular medica publications are already talked about the pee orgasm. The pee-gasm means delaying the urine or holding the urine for some time to get the feeling of orgasm when you release the urine. This post is not related to the pee-gasm, but while talking about the topic Why does it feel so good to pee we have to explain all the details for you. You might don’t know about the pee-gasm, but you experienced it atleast once in your life. The feeling of relaxation we get when we pee is the same as experiencing an orgasm. The urine is the byproduct that our body throws out of our body. It is waste that body don’t want to store. Usually, when we pee and poop, we throw this waste our of our body. It is bad for our body to hold pee and poop for a long time. So after holding pee for a long time when we release it. We get the feeling of relaxing. The doctor does not recommend to hold pee and poop.

Pee orgasm

The woman feels pee-gasm more than men because of the structure of the woman’s anatomy. When our bladder is full, it puts pressure on the erogenous zones that include clitoris. So when we urinate the pressure on this zone get releases which result in the feeling of orgasm. When we hold some heavy items for a long time, our body feels the heavy item’s pressure. When we finally put the heavy object down, our muscle gets relaxed. It is the same thing that happens when you hold you pee for a long time. When a woman holds urine for a long time, the muscle gets stretched and relaxed after the urination.

Is pee-gasm safe?

Pee-gasm will give you the pleasure you want, but it is not good for your body. The kidney produces the urine, and it should be released on time. Urination is the process by which kidney filter waste. So holding urine can affect the kidney. Holding urine for a long time can cause urinary tract infection.

When we hold pee for long, the bacteria will stay in our body for a long time which causes discomfort. Holding urine in the bladder for a long time can cause incontinence. Pee-gasm is not a safe way to experience a pleasure. Holding urine for a long time can causeĀ Urinary incontinence which leaks the bladder. It can also stretch the bladder causing bladder leakage, Holding the urine for a long time can cause kidney stones. The kidney stone is formed due to the waster and chemical in the urine.

Instead of pee-gasm, you can masturbate to get feeling of orgasm. Masturbation is safer than pee-gasm.

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