How Much Urine Is Needed For Drug Tests?

Every lab has a fixed-sized container that they use for sample collection, be it blood, urine, or semen. Plus, a quantity is also specified for different tests. If one is appearing for a drug test by urine. One is given a cup by the lab which is conducting the test. The size depends on the laboratory.

The standard minimum amount required for a specimen is 30ml. There is no hard rule if the urine collected in the container is more than that. A test for steroids requires 60ml. About 5-10 ml is required for the initial immunoassay screen and another 5-10ml is needed for any confirmation testing. The last 10–20ml is kept frozen at the lab for any possible retest.The urine sample must be stored at room temperature for drug test. Some people use hand warmers, but they are not useful for the test. Please read this guide on how to keep urine warm without hand warmers.

People of different age groups are required to submit different quantities of urine is a myth. One thing which has to be kept in mind while submitting urine is how you collect it. It is advised to put the initial urine then pass some and collect the urine at last. In simple words, collect, pass, and collect again. Lab can check temperature of urine for drug test.  To pass the urine test, your sample must be at acceptable temperature for urine test.

Be it lower abdominal ultrasound or any other urinary related examination. Drinking a lot of fluid is a must. You can be sober for a long time but, if you don’t have a habit of consuming a lot of fluid drug traces can remain in your urine. Apart from that staying hydrated is not bad in any possible way.

urine collecton for test

For a drug test, a morning sample is not a must. It can be collected anytime. To match the minimum requirement of 30ml it is necessary for one to stay hydrated and away from activities which make you sweat a lot. A positive drug test by a lab is very tough to question and is mostly accurate.

The submitted sample should be 30 or less than 30 ml but more than 15 ml at any cost. A routine drug test by any workplace or college is not an allegation but a  way to help you out. Several workplaces today have made it necessary for its employees to go through a drug test which is a great step towards society.

Drug abuse is a harmful trap which continues to trap healthy and happy people every year. Research proves that drug addiction is a result of depression and a lot of people initiate drugs just for trial purposes. Modern trends these days have been pulling people every day towards something bad. Such a practice should be neglected as a responsible human being. There are chances of damage caused by drugs traveling through your genes to your children and harming them. There are reported cases of undergrowth and heart issues found in children of parents who are exposed to any harmful drugs once.

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