How long do opiates stay in urine?

Opiates is a highly addictive drug made from the opium plant. Opiates are used for painkilling because it has excellent painkilling property. It is highly illegal to use opiates without medical prescription. It is one of the most popular drugs in the black market. It is a highly addictive drug, and it has been highly misused drug. One research shows that over 30 millions people misused opiates.

It is available without a medical prescription in a black market. The effect of opiates last for several hours, and it gets out of our body quickly as it has short half-lives. As i said, opiates are highly addictive, do not take opiates without a doctor prescription. Stay away from the person who sells opiates without prescription. Various types of drug test like urine, blood test detect the opiates misuse. Several factors decide how long do opiates stay in our body and urine. Opiates should be taken orally so that it gets passed through the digestion system.


How long do opiates stay in urine?

The answer to your question of how long do opiates stay in their urine is 90 days. the opiates can be detected in blood, urine and saliva is as many as 90 days. Several factors decide how longs opiates stay in the system. When we intake opiates, it gets digested by the stomach and liver. The how long opiates stay in the system depends on the person’s metabolism rate, quality of opiates, opiates intakes, Weight, body mass, body fat content, age, and health of liver and kidney. The half-life of opiates like methadone is 24 to 36 hours; the half-life of drugs means the body’s amount of time to remove the half amount of drugs from the body naturally. Our body may take upto 90 days to remove the opiates entirely. The healthy person who has reasonable metabolism rate can quickly remove opiates from the system than an unhealthy person. The health of kidney and liver also influence how long do opiates stay in our system.

Depend on how powerful is your pain doctor recommend the various type of opiates. Opiates have three types of the half-life: long-acting, short-acting, and rapid-onset as i told you before that it is illegal to intake opiates without proper medical prescription. The drug test can detect the opiates in your body. Saliva, blood and urine test are the most commonly used drug test. Saliva drug test has a small detection window and can only detect the opiates if it is intaken within past 5 five hours. A blood test is also like the saliva test; it has small detection window and can only detect the opiates if it is intaken within the past six hours. However, the urine test is very accurate and has a long detection window. A urine drug test can catch the opiates up to 7 days after the last use.
If you have intake opiates without medical prescription and if you have any upcoming urine test in the office, then there are very high chances that you will get caught in that test. You will lose your job if you cannot give the valid reason you intaken opiates. So, in that case, you need to use powdered urine.

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