How does the temperature strip on a drug test work?

A temp strip is fitted to the exterior of the glass beaker for drug screening. Based on the temperature of the specimen, the strips would change color. This would be to differentiate between a legitimate specimen and a fraudulent or tainted one.  The Urinator with a temperature strip is a good option to keep the urine sample warm.

In order to achieve adequate findings from doping tests, the quality of the sample collected is critical. Checking the temp of the given test to determine its authenticity is becoming a routine procedure.

The temperature during drug screening: Between 4 to 5 mins of taking the specimen the temp should be checked, as well as the results, ought to be within 90 and 100 ° F (32 to 38 degrees Celsius). Here is the detailed post on Does temperature affects urine tests?.

If the temp falls outside this region, the submitted specimen may be diluted, adulterated, or substituted. Our ten-panel drug screen with contamination analysis is a major turn system that screens for any additives so people don’t have to manually. We also have covers for the top five people who misused substances.

temperature strip

What is the purpose of a temp strip?

A temp strip is a form of thermometer that comprises heat-sensitive fluid droplets in a drain valve that turns color to indicate various degrees. Liquid crystals feature both liquids & single-crystalline mechanical properties qualities. The hue of the fluid crystal changes as the temp rises and falls. These systems allow it to be used to measure temperature. The crystalline sensors offer a 0.1 degree Celsius spectrum of sensitivity.

Crystalline temp indicators come in a variety of shapes & sizes to meet any need, and they produce real-time temps. Unlike traditional thermostats, these thin, elastic, laminated emulators contain adhesive and magnetic bases that may be simply connected to any input. Crystalline thermometers are highly accurate and dependable. Such printed tags are utilized in the medical and manufacturing industries, drug testing, medical equipment, aquariums, and the forehead, among other places, due to their high quality, simplicity, and appropriateness.

Disposable fluid crystal temp strips are available for both clinical and domestic use. Accurate temperature signaling labels are available in a variety of styles that are both cost-effective & adhere to SAMHSA standards. The temp of the newly evacuated sample can be determined using these indicators.

How Does Temperature Strip Work?

The self-adhesive tags are made up of a sequence of heat & cold-sensitive components. (TLC) is microencapsulated & plated on a dark substrate in these components. The color of each component varies as the energy passes through it, but these strips were regulated to represent the exact temp.

The components that include TLC particles are extremely heat resistant, and their state changes whenever the temperature rises Whenever the molecule of liquid crystalline alters, the fluid crystalline absorbs light & reflects it. As the temperature drops, the particles diffuse back and emit light.

How to Interpret a Drug Test Temperature Strip?

There are several different types of drug screening cups in the marketplace. Some drug screening glasses include a temperature indicator, whereas others do not. Heating strips that really are self-adhesive and may be fastened to any sample tube containing are commercially available. Due to dual scales on such strips, temperatures may be viewed in both Celsius or Fahrenheit.

It’s critical to check the heat strip between four to five mins after the natural insecticide is received in the background checks cup. The color green indicates that the temperature of the urine samples is within the test range (normally 32-38 °C/90-100 °F). If the color of the urine test does not change, it is adulterated.

If the temp of the urine test falls outside of the acceptable limit, the specimen will be rejected as unfit for analysis. After time has passed, the donors will be requested to produce a new urine test. Here is a good post on what you should not do before the urine drug test.

Getting the proper temperature

Heat-sensitive fluid crystals in fluid crystals thermometers, temp strips, or plastic strip thermometers change color to show different temps. The compressive strength of liquid crystals is similar to those of a single crystalline. They could detect temp differences of less than 0.1°C. Colour changing is used on crystalline temp labels to represent temps or temperature ranges.

Since these are written on the label, these could be made in almost every shape and size to meet any requirement, and they can even include real-time temps. The tiny, stretchy temperature indicators include adhesive or magnet supports that make them easy to stick where regular thermometers can’t.

Whether it be for safety, health, effective use, excellence, or comfort, good labeling effectively describes the ideal temperature. Liquid crystal thermometers are used by leading businesses in doping tests, pharmaceutical companies, & industrial sectors whenever precision and dependability are critical.

The dual card could be used for testing both with rising and declining temperature probes. If the labeling becomes red, it means the testing sample was kept at temps that were either too high or low before using it, thereby impacting the test’s validity. Similarly, it can reveal whether urine was not held at room temp after usage.

The temperature is a useful indicator

The effectiveness of clinical trials is determined by how well the supervisor adheres to (DOT) and/or (HHS) guidelines. The information obtained may be deceptive and erroneous if improper processes or methodological approaches are applied. Temp is one of the most precise ways of ensuring healthy has been obtained. It’s a highly empirical way of determining if something is wrong

Heat management is important when it comes to drug tests. One can efficiently control and monitor the urine temp in your acquisition process with the correct technology, such as or liquid crystal temp strips.


In doping tests, the temp of the urine samples is thought to be quite important. It aids in evaluating the specimen’s quality.

To authenticate the sample, self-adhesive temperature strips are placed in the jar. The temp strip must be checked within 4 or 5 minutes of obtaining the urine sample.The heat indication labels are inexpensive and adhere to SAMHSA regulations. If the temp of the urine specimen is outside of the acceptable range, the specimen will be rejected for analysis.


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