Do hand warmers really work for a drug test?

I get a lot of questions like, can hand warmers make urine too hot? Is it safe to use a hand warmer for the drug test? My answer to such questions is no. Handwarmer are not safe for the drug test. It does not control the temperature of the urine. It makes urine too hot for the drug test. So if you are thinking of using the hand warmer for the drug test, you need to keep track of the urine temperature. It is hard to control the temperature of the urine with the hand warmer. If you are worried about the urine temperature, then the article on keeping urine warm for drug test will help you.

hand warmer
Hand warmers are useful for warming, but they don’t have the facility to control the heat. People blame hand warmer when they failed to keep urine warm for the drug test. The hand warmer is not meant for regulating temperature, so you can’t expect a reliable result from the hand warmer. Hand warmers are best when you need to warm the urine and not to maintain the temperature. Hand warmers are also not capable of maintaining urine warm for multiple hours. So the are chances that hand warmer will make urine too hot or too cold.
We prefer a urinator over a hand warmer because the urinator device is the reliable way to keep urine warm for the drug test.

Here are some pros and cons of hand warmer:

1>Hand warmers are an affordable way to keep urine hot. They are easily available online and in a local store.
2>Hand warmers are cheap and long-lasting. It can keep the sample hot for eight hours
3> Handwarmer use a chemical reaction to keep the sample hot.

1> Handwarmer can’t regulate the temperature of the sample. The Handwarmer use a chemical reaction to keep the sample warm. Due to that, we have no control over the sample’s temperature.
2>Hand warmer can rapidly increase or decrease the temperature of the urine. So it is not suited for the drug test because it makes the sample too hot or too cold.
3>To keep the sample warm, You have to keep the sample close to the hand warmer, which is impossible when you decided to cheat the drug test.
4>Hand warmer does not control the temperature, so Hand warmers can burn your skin if you do not use them properly.
5> Handwarmer need oxygen for a chemical reaction. If the hand warmer does not get enough oxygen, it will affect the sample’s temperature.

The overall hand warmer is a good device, but it is not good for keep urine warm.

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